Whatever your products are, we are able to provide you with all kind of paper material solutions based on your requirements. In case you do not have any packaging ideas in your mind, our industrial designer is ready to create a new solution for your needs. Then our graphics department take over the new material and create a visual design. Our graphics department work with traditional and modern design techniques to compose a new design by considering your taste and brand value. Finally, your new design is prepared by this department for the printing process. In case you have your own visual designs, we are also able to apply that design to our products.

By considering your needs and budget, we choose the perfect paper type from our huge paper stock and use food safe paints to execute the printing process. With our special machine lines, we produce premium quality and elegant packaging products by using techniques such as offset printing, PVC coating, embossing, local and general lacquer and hot-foil coating. By considering the type of the packaging, we give the last shape of the boxes by hand or automatic rigid box line.


Vertical Ballotin

Studbox with Removable Slip Lid

Studbox with Removable Window Lid

Studbox with Sleeve

Studbox with Window Sleeve

Studbox with Removable Stud-Lid

Stud Box with Hinged Lid

Stud Box with Band Rim

Stud Box with Removable Clear Lid

Stud Box with Inner Satin Ribbon

Basic Box with Removable Slip Lid

Basic Box with Slip Lid

Basic Box with Hinged Lid

Basic Cube Box with Removable Slip Lid

Basic Cake Box

Book Formed Box with Folding Lid

Chocolate Bar Packaging

Prestige Box

Half Prestige Box

Cube Box with Band Rim

Cube Box with Levels

Cake Box with Handle

Cake Box with removable Slip Lid

Cake Box with Slip Lid

Cake Box with removable Window Lid

Advent Calender

Paper Bag

Confectionery Tray


Gift Bag

Rigid Box